Katharina Zimmerhackl

Belle du Jour

Belle du jour is the name of a climbing plant that produces new buds every morning. They open during the day and die in the late afternoon/night. Belle du Jour is also the name of a movie by Buñuel, in which a married woman, played by Catherine Deneuve, starts working as a daytime-prostitute. This work, consisting of three parts, delves into this allegorical conjunction between female sexuality and the fleeting beauty of nature.
I studied the flowers’ movements and translated them into sounds: How does the friction of the pedals sound, how the contraction of the flower? The translation of the blooming flower into noiselike sounds adds a disturbing layer between the connection of femininity and nature. The temporal narrativity of the soundpiece relates back to Buñuels movie and can funtion as an alternate soundtrack.

27 x 34 cm, 96 pages, edition of 15 | 2015