Katharina Zimmerhackl

Form als Möglichkeit

The 9th edition (1973) of the book Zwischen 14 und 18, an educational book for young girls, contains a series of photographies.
The part of the photographies illustrating the chapter on work is the basis for Form als Möglichkeit. Together with Anne Hofmann I worked on the images, trying to show the different connotational layers on the working situation for women in the GDR that these photographs have. The pictures are combined with text fragments from GDR-writers (e.g. Christa Wolf, Brigitte Reimann) dealing with the working situation of women in the GDR. Form, as indicated in the title, is used as a possibility to uncover the historic relevance of the imagery.

Realised together with Anne Hofmann and published in outside the box #4.

DIN A3, 18 Seiten, japanese binding| 2013